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Since 2013, COMEL has been closely cooperating with the domestic power transformers factory MINEL TRANSFORMATORI a.d. Ripanj, reputed for their products in the territory of Serbia and former Yugoslavia, but also on the global market.

In December 2015, COMEL signed the Cooperative Manufacturing Agreement with the MINEL TRANSFORMATORI factory, and initiates its own production under the old-new brand name. A new subsidiary COMEL TRANSFORMATORI d.o.o. was founded for this purpose, with professional personnel and know-how in designing and manufacture of new transformers.

MINEL TRANSFORMATORI started manufacturing transformers in 1948, under a Westinghouse license. As the factory worked and developed, local engineers developed their own product range, which has, in the meantime, become well known around the world.

Main range of products consists of oil power transformers for distribution and transmission network of rated voltages up to 420kV and power rating from 2.5MVA to 400MVA

In addition, various special and specific types of transformers can be designed and manufactured in the factors:

-               Autotransformers

-               Generator step-up transformers

-               Transformers specially designed for industrial application (furnace, rectifier, railway product range)

-               Various types of chokes